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Anita InglisAnita Inglis

Anita is a step/mum to 7, ranging from tweens to adults. As a child of divorce and a divorced mum, she was completely unprepared for life married to a man in a high conflict relationship with his ex. This led to her current career, helping others deal with complex step-family dynamics. She lives in New Zealand but works with clients in the US and Australasia. Her passion is mentoring divorced and step-mums to step into their power and couples to navigate the challenging waters of step-family life. She is a certified step-family coach, with graduate and post-graduate qualifications in psychology. She works from a narrative therapy base. You can contact her at

Jenna Korf Headshot

 Jenna Korf

Jenna Korf is a Certified Stepfamily Foundation coach, an RCI Certified Relationship coach and co-author of the book, “Skirts At War: Beyond Divorced Mom/Stepmom Conflict.” She is also a blogger for The Huffington Post and has been featured as a stepfamily expert on, and Jenna is also a Registered Nurse, a stepmom and a stepchild. To read more from Jenna or for one-on-one coaching visit her at

Michelle Zunter HeadshotMichelle Zunter

Originally a Vancouver Island native, Michelle now resides in California where she is an ex-corporate slave, writer, artist, mother, stepmother & wife. Join Michelle as she explores & stumbles through society, parenting, step-parenting, health, beauty, relationships & much more. Visit Michelle at The Pondering Nook site, as well as her Facebook & Twitter Pages.

Linda Black Linda Black

Linda Black is a wife, mom, stepmom, grandma and ex-wife.  Her journey of blending together a new family has proven itself challenging, enjoyable and ever-changing.  Join her as she shares experiences of the struggles, joy, aggravation and blessings of this new lifestyle.  She enjoys cooking large meals, reading, travel and sailing with her husband.  She lives with her husband in a costal town in America.


Ali Wilks HeadshotAli Wilks

Ali Wilks has a BA in Psychology and an MSc in Human Ecology specializing in Family Studies. She is also a certified stepfamily coach, the owner and founder of Step by Step Mom – a stepfamily/stepmom coaching business and Wellness Editor at Stepparent Magazine. Her other job is with Children’s Services, since 1998, in Edmonton, Alberta. She is currently a trainer on Edmonton’s Caregiver Training Unit teaching classes on building skills, providing advocacy and support for foster, kinship and adoptive parents. These classes include building the essential skills in raising nonbiological children from the foster care system who present with special needs. Ali is a stepmother of 3 adult children (with a couple of grandkids too) and the birth mother of 2 beautiful girls.


Cheryl Mefferd HeadshotCheryl Mefferd

Cheryl Mefferd is a nurse, blogger, speaker, certified life coach, wife, dog mom and fighter of parental alienation. For almost 10 years, she was a stepmother to 3 amazing children.  After winning full custody in 2016, she and her husband believed their parental alienation nightmare was over.  Two years later, her stepchildren left for their mother’s summer visit and never came back.  The last time she saw them was in court on June 28, 2018, ready to testify about abuse that had never occurred.  In July 2018, she launched her blog Parental Alienation Speaks ( in hopes of sharing her story with the world.  Since that time, she has heard from people all over the world experiencing the same nightmare.  Feeling helpless to change their situation, Cheryl launched S.P.A.R.K. (Support for the Parentally Alienated thru Random Acts of Kindness) to send hope to those devastated by this evil.  Parental Alienation Speaks is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed to bringing awareness to the world and hope to the alienated one S.P.A.R.K. at a time!


Audrey Cade HeadshotAudrey Cade

Audrey Cade, author of Divorce Matters: help for hurting hearts and why divorce is sometimes the best decision, is a matriarch of a stepfamily of six children and an experienced “divorce warrior” in the areas of co-parenting, stepparenting, parental alienation, and re-marriage. She is a featured blogger for DivorcedMoms, contributor for DivorceForce, Worthy Living and has been published in the Divorce Magazine, The Good Men Project, StepMom Magazine, and others. Her professional experience is as a case manager social worker for developmentally-disabled children, and she holds degrees in Early Childhood Education, Human Service & Management, and a Master’s in Psychology.  Follow Audrey on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Listen each Wednesday to her weekly Divorce Warrior Dialog podcast on her website.

Erin Childress Photo

Erin Careless

Erin Careless (PhD Cand., M.A.Ed.) works with stepmoms and stepcouples across Canada to provide coaching and support based on stepfamily and adult education research. Her PhD focuses on stepmom learning, and she is currently training with The Gottman Institute of family and relationship counselling. Erin and her husband Matt share their home with his two little ones – 9-year-old Oliver and 7-year-old Waverleigh. Visit for more information.

Kristen Skiles

Hey there, I’m Kristen! I’m an Air Force wife and [step]mom to a beautiful 8-year-old, and I run on coffee, wine, and Amazon Prime. I blog at where I provide comfort and guidance for overwhelmed stepmoms, encouraging and helping them to write their own happily ever afters. You can find [step]momming on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.  

Sanity Plan Logo

Sarah Mann

Sara Mann is both a stepdaughter and a stepmom, desperately trying to keep the peace in a household of five on overdrive. She writes about her strategies for keeping sane (mostly) at The Sanity Plan and on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Chrysta Horwedel Profile PictureChrysta Horwedel

Chrysta Horwedel is a Certified Stepfamily Coach and stepmother of two. Her approach is holistic, supported by certifications as a health and Ayurvedic wellness coach and yoga instructor. She enjoys music, writing, hiking, healthy food, wine, and travel. She lives with her family in Los Angeles. Connect with Chrysta at

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Nicole DiLorenzo

Nicole DiLorenzo is an educator, mentor, wife, and stepmom of two girls. Her passion for teaching has spilt into the stepfamily dynamic, wanting to help others navigate their role. She runs a blog which helps her therapeutically deal with the many blessings and challenges within the stepfamily dynamic. She enjoys yoga, dog walks, riding motorcycles, vacations, and living a balanced life. Visit for more information. (Photo credit: Teri Fiske)

Carrie Ellis-Berg Bio Photo

Carrie Ellis-Berg

Carrie Ellis-Berg has been an elementary school teacher for ten years. Together as a blended family, she and her husband have four children.  After realizing the need for children’s books on blending, she felt called to share fun and exciting stories that would help parents and children learn, grow and adapt to their new family structure. She hopes that her stories will foster and strengthen relationships within the home. Visit Bell Pack Books for more information.

Aimee Allen PhotoAimee Allen

Aimee Allen is known all across Social Media as “The Happy Stepmom”.  Happily married to her husband Mike, she is both a biological Mom to her son (18) and daughter (16) and also a stepmom to Mike’s son and two daughters (15, 11, 9).  She has made amazing relationships with other stepmoms that she has met over the internet and loves to chat with them daily.  She feels that it is extremely important to make connections with other stepmoms as communication is crucial in this complex role.  Her mission is to help other stepmoms understand that they too can be happy with stepfamily life despite the unique challenges that they face. A child of divorced parents herself, Aimee never realized the challenges of being a stepmom until she became one.  “I was always focused on the challenges of being the kid with divorced parents.  I never thought about what my stepmom was going through all those years.”Aimee can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and has recently launched her new blog! Visit Aimee at

Brian Hauff

Brian Hauff has been a step father to 3 amazingly talented kids for 13 years. He and his wife, Nicole married in 2003, had 2 children together and blended their family successfully. Brian works as an architect, managing higher education construction projects, designing houses, and master planning university campuses. His greater passion is to help stepfamilies understand their true identity so that they can be a positive force of change in the world. He and his wife have been featured in the Huffington Post and they mentor one on one with stepfamilies. More encouragement for stepfamilies can be found at


Kate Chapman

Kate Chapman is a wife to Gabe, mom to Simon, Caden and Lottie, and stepmom to Sara, Amy and Jack. Her family lives on a suburban mini-farm with their mischievous French bulldog, Miller, six broody hens, three bunnies and a hamster. Kate spends her time recovering from her stint in corporate America, feeding and watering the children and livestock, and turning off lights in empty rooms. Visit Kate at as well as her Facebook and Twitter pages.

Angela Whitlock

Angela Whitlock is a Parenting Coach with a special interest in stepparents and teenagers. She is a registered Therapist with the EMDR UK and Ireland, BSCH and WIEBGE certified to deal with the effects of narcissistic behaviours and the lasting effect they can have on those growing up with narcissistic adults. She coaches parents and teenagers and also mentors adults who are still feeling the effects of negative parenting from childhood. Visit for more information.