Becks Dunning

About Becks Dunning

Becks (Rebecca Dunning) is a mum of 3 and step-mum of 1. She has provided in-home childcare/education for 20 years and specialises in family support. Her love of gardening and home organisation as a form of self-care, has inspired her to help others through my Facebook pages, seeds and eggs, and plant passion.

Decluttering Home & Mind

  Oh, I do like to make lists, lists for everything, lists for my lists hahaha!! Although, it is possible to over-do the list making. Make sure you don’t make the list/s too long to start with, or you risk overwhelming yourself. I can promise you this, once you start […]

Gardening My Way to Self-Care

I aim to give myself a little self-care time each day, I do this by choosing to garden, every day. Gardening doesn’t require a huge amount of space. A small garden, or patio garden still needs care to thrive.. Stepping outside at least once a day to tend to and […]