A Poem: “Your Wife”

” Your Wife “


Please keep “your wife” away from me.
As I don’t acknowledge her as a replacement for me.
You, her and me makes a party of three.
I don’t really like her; why don’t you set her free?
You say you love her; I say a big whoopee.
Come back to me and let’s talk about what would be.


I cheated on you with Mr. Yummy.
For weeks I worked on him and we became quite chummy.
I thought he would be worth it as I deceived you, my dear hubby.
But, I really was quite the dummy.
You say “your wife” has mended your heart and now you’re quite comfy.
How can that be? It seems so funny.


I’m a habitual liar and I guess that’s quite dire.
My words of untruth are often as prickly as barbed wire.
 “Your wife” is on to me and how I conspire.
I’ll call her a bully because my lies she shoots back as gunfire.
A victim till the end I’ll play and sing lies to the choir.
My lies are my truths so leave me, please ceasefire.


Our daughters’ hair I will not cut.
But wait, “your wife” took our lady to her stylist at the Queen’s Hut.
Everyone raved about her blond lights, cute change and cut.
She couldn’t stop smiling bright; her hair she did strut.
Until I said her hair looked like a dirty mutt.
I really didn’t have one kind word to say – so what?


Often last minute, I cancel the holiday.
You’ll take them; you always do, to save my Friday.
I have to spend time with a sick friend I say.
At least, that’s what I tell them to keep them at bay.
Right now they’re young and ignore them I may.
“Your wife” says one day they’ll be older and scorned things they may say.


I come to your home while you are at work until late.
This used to be my home and I’m a curious ex-mate.
But enters “your wife“ well before eight.
“What’s wrong with me being here?” I ask as she calls Officer Tate.
I was just inspecting what was once mine inside the gate.
This use to be my home but now it’s her fate.


Opps, I almost forgot to mention.
I met a man who has a great pension.
Blindly, he’ll help me with my economic ascension.
For he’s quick to act and doesn’t know my true intention.
Our daughter’s moving in with you and “your wife”, as I move towards this new dimension.
You see, I had to do this, as you wouldn’t pay me my needed attention.


So, my dear, can’t you see?
I love you but you don’t love me.
“Your wife” is a nuisance and with her we are three.
I can’t be with you if you are with she.
I’m sorry I can’t behave in a tolerable degree.
Can’t you see it’s all about me?


~ Linda Black