“I Didn’t Sign Up for This!” Six Tips for Step-Parenting During a Pandemic

I’m writing this from the corner of my closet, wedged between shoes and a stack of purses, trying to keep the laptop from sliding off my knees as I reposition the suitcase currently digging into my back. I’m sitting in this unusual location because I’ve discovered it’s the only place […]

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Stepmom and Stepdaughter Playing

What I Learned in My First Year As a New Stepmom

Did you ever think you’d experience a life where you can go from crying to laughing and vice versa all in the same minute? Just one short year ago, I sure didn’t. But that was before I became a new stepmom. This year on Cinco de Mayo, I explained to […]

Creating a Stepfamily Tradition: More Than Just a Name

After months of anticipation, vows were said, rings were placed, and a perfect kiss sealed the deal….. I was married.  Not just to my amazing husband, but also to his beautiful bundles of joy. Life felt just like that old movie, “You’ve Got Mail,” ding “You’ve Got Bonus Kids!” But I was no longer dealing […]

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