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Jenna Korf is a leading certified Stepfamily coach, residing in Upstate New York. She is co-author of the book Skirts at War: Beyond Divorced Mom/Stepmom Conflict and is a blogger for the Huffington Post. Jenna offers coaching to stepmom’s and couples around the world and is available via email, phone and skype.

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Instant Blended Family

Chrysta Horwedel is a certified Stepfamily Coach and stepmother of two residing in Los Angeles. Her approach is holistic, supported by certifications as a health and ayurvedic wellness coach and yoga instructor. Connect with Chrysta at

Stepmom Warrior

Nicole DiLorenzo is a certified Stepfamily Coach and stepmother to two girls residing in New York. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a Master of Science degree in Early Childhood/ Elementary Education. For more information on the services Nicole provides visit


Angela Whitlock

Angela Whitlock specialises in coaching stepfamilies and also works as a Parent and Teenage Coach. She is also an EMDR registered Therapist and is BSCH and WIEBGE certified to deal with the effects of narcissistic behaviours.  Angela resides in Yorkshire, England and can be contacted via email: or phone 0113 314 4177.

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Steplife – Stepmom Coaching and Support

Erin Careless works with stepmoms and stepcouples across Canada to provide coaching, support, and advice based on research and lived experience. Contact her today for your FREE first session! Let Erin help you live your best steplife!

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Step by Step Mom

Ali Wilks, MSc, offers stepmoms and their spouses certified stepfamily coaching services and resides in Alberta, Canada. Her services include step-by-step, collaborative solutions, insights and support with a strength based focus to help stepmoms and stepcouples find their own route.  Contact Ali for your limited time, first session FREE offer to help you get started. Private email or video sessions are available by appointment. She can be contacted by e-mail at or visit her website

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