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Disciplining stepchildren: 5 tips for parents

Whenever I coach stepfamilies – either parents, their children or the family as a whole – there’s one issue that almost always crops up: discipline. How do stepparents avoid being seen as the nasty interloper with ridiculous new rules, and how do teenagers and kids cope with the changing boundaries of a blended family? There’s […]

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The Couple Comes First

I recently read a stepmom article on ways to gel as a stepfamily. I thought it was great and agreed with all of it except one thing: the article stated not to put your marriage first.  Of course there is a time and place for putting children first; they are after all, younger and more […]

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Four Golden Rings: A Stepfamily Wedding

Her eyes followed me around the room, watching the way the sparkles caught the light… Recently, I pledged my love to my new little family. My husband (I still giggle when I say that) Matthew’s son and daughter were an important part of our wedding ceremony. We promised to help, support, and take care of […]

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What Divorced Moms Should Know About Stepmoms

In the 5 years that I’ve been a stepmom and have been working with stepmoms, one thing is abundantly clear; many divorced moms have incorrect preconceived notions about their child’s stepmom and her motivations. These false assumptions can wreak havoc on the dynamic between the mom and stepmom and ruin the potential for a positive […]