Five Steps to Survive the Holidays and Save Your Sanity

I’ve fixed the holidays for you.  You’re welcome.  Read on.  Perhaps fixed is a touch overstating things, but the plan below will make you feel better – I promise. It involves half-assing and wine. Step One: Figure out the schedule early “What?” you say. “We have a schedule. It’s already […]

Couple toasting at Christmas

Stepmom being hugged by partner and stepdaughter

How to Honor Stepmoms on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. For stepmoms and their husbands, this can be a tricky day to navigate. Emotions can run high and anxiety can brew. Some recognize Mother’s Day. Some recognize Stepmother’s Day, which is the following Sunday. Some make up their own day. No matter which day you […]

Financial Equality: Is Fairness Necessary When it Comes to the Children?

There is one aspect of stepfamily life that can generate a lot of heat: money.  Everyone knows that finances are a common stressor among stepfamilies.  Many fathers have children with previous partners and must pay child support or alimony. Contrary, some remarried mothers receive child support from their ex-partners.  One […]

Balancing money and justice