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Let’s start by acknowledging that stepparenting is complex. It is a fact!

Stepfamily dynamics do differ in comparison to regular families and there are lots of factors that you may have to consider when embarking on your stepparenting journey.Corinne Foote Headshot

  • Will my stepchildren accept me?
  • How will l I fit in to ‘first’ family dynamics?
  • How should I integrate our families?
  • What should I do if the EX doesn’t like me?

The list is endless.

In 2009, I met and fell in love with my now husband, yet nothing could have prepared me for what stepfamily life entailed. Being a stepparent can bring with it a wide range of emotions such as, excitement, resentment, happiness, anxiety, loneliness and gratification. You literally go in blind unable to predict, which path your journey will take.

Whilst searching the internet for advice and support, I found that resources were particularly minimal in the UK, despite the latest report from the Office for National Statistics recording that there were over half a million step-families in the UK (alone!) I remember thinking, “surely, this can’t be all there is?”

Stepfamilies are universal, so by launching Stepparent Magazine, I want to provide others like me with a place to seek advice and support all under one roof!

All the articles are written by people experienced in stepfamily dynamics and are FREE for you to read! In addition, you can also join our private support group on Facebook and share stories with fellow stepparents.

I have experienced the highs and the lows that come with being a stepparent, and I want to share the journey with you. With the right support and guidance, stepparenting can be a manageable, happy and satisfying role.