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Step-family life is way more complex than simply managing the dynamics of kids from more than one family. It impacts on every aspect of family and personal life. As I navigated combining my family with my husband’s family, I realised that it wasn’t just a matter of bringing two families together, it brought a whole raft of new expectations, ways of doing things, and an ever-evolving cast of characters that needed to be considered while doing life. We deal with 7 kids, 3 sets of grandparents, and two other sets of parents. It’s a lot of factors to try and manage when it comes to just doing life!

This was a huge part of the inspiration for adding a Lifestyle section to Step Parent magazine. Anita Inglis

  • How do you juggle providing space for kids who are only in your home part-time with the ones who are there pretty much full time?
  • How do you divide up assets when it comes to making a will?
  • How do you carve out space for yourself when every inch of your home seems taken up with the wants and needs of others?
  • Is it ok for me to take timeout just for me?
  • Can I say no to going to sports events for my step-kids?
  • How on earth do I juggle the holidays when our kids have 3 or 4 different homes wanting them to be a part of celebrations?

All of these questions are things we don’t need to consider in an intact/non-step family. The lifestyle section is designed to answer these types of dilemmas and more.


Anita Inglis - Lifestyle Editor