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Insider vs. Outsider

One of the most common experiences reported by stepmoms is that of feeling like an outsider. I have talked about this before [Class Is In!, Tips of the Trade, Me, Myself, and I], and it is certainly a humbling experience. You are joining an already formed family with a shared […]

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Teenage girl upset

Helping Your Step Teenager Deal with the ‘Big Issues’

The ‘big issues’ facing today’s teenagers may not immediately be obvious. Drugs, alcohol, sex, and relationships have traditionally been the things parents worry about, but also high on the list of today’s problems facing teenagers are gaming addiction, online bullying and mental health. The basis for helping your step teenager […]

From Hell to Healing: My Journey with my Husband’s Ex-Wife

I’ve been with my husband for seven years, and I recently noticed that I’d been describing those years as “hell.” “The hell we’ve endured.” “The hellish stress.” “The years of hell she’s put us through…” Because even though my marriage to my amazing husband has been wonderful, it was often overshadowed […]

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