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Disciplining Stepchildren: 5 Tips for Parents

Whenever I coach stepfamilies – either parents, their children or the family as a whole – there’s one issue that almost always crops up: discipline. How do stepparents avoid being seen as the nasty interloper with ridiculous new rules, and how do teenagers and kids cope with the changing boundaries […]

Dad disciplining son

Four Golden Rings: A Stepfamily Wedding

Her eyes followed me around the room, watching the way the sparkles caught the light… Recently, I pledged my love to my new little family. My husband (I still giggle when I say that) Matthew’s son and daughter were an important part of our wedding ceremony. We promised to help, […]

Couple married

Stepmom whispering

What Divorced Moms Should Know About Stepmoms

In the 5 years that I’ve been a stepmom and have been working with stepmoms, one thing is abundantly clear; many divorced moms have incorrect preconceived notions about their child’s stepmom and her motivations. These false assumptions can wreak havoc on the dynamic between the mom and stepmom and ruin […]