Insider vs. Outsider

One of the most common experiences reported by stepmoms is that of feeling like an outsider. I have talked about this before [Class Is In!, Tips of the Trade, Me, Myself, and I], and it is certainly a humbling experience. You are joining an already formed family with a shared […]

Stepmom looking in on stepfamily

Stepmom Thinking

What I Wish I Would Have Known About Being a Stepmom

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. As a little girl growing up I didn’t dream of being a stepmom. It wasn’t something I was shooting for or something I really wanted to be. It literally just happened one day! At the ripe age of 25, […]

A Stepmom’s Look Through the Lens of a Mother

Like many stepparents, my relationship with my spouse’s ex is not what I would call amicable. I wish it was, I really do. I would like to have the kind of situation where either of us might call the other to collaborate about the children’s needs in a friendly manner. […]

Stepmom looking through a lense

Stepmom looking out of a window

Stepmom in the Middle

If you have a stepchild or stepchildren who shuttle between mom and dad’s house on a regular basis, then you’re probably all too familiar with the complicated issues that can arise during these transitions. Just because there’s an organized visitation schedule doesn’t mean all the people involved are consistently happy […]

The Guilty Stepmom

Being a stepmom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I find myself dealing with a HCE and dysfunctional situations on a constant basis. What happened to my once carefree life?  It is now burdened with complications, which cause guilt especially when things escalate between my husband, […]

Stepmom Feeling Guilty

Birthday Party

How to Successfully Plan a Party with Your Husband’s Ex

This one is for my fellow stepmoms out there. Learning how to develop a working relationship with my stepdaughter’s mother is a huge part of my Sanity Plan. This is one aspect of my life that can get pretty strained in a hurry if I don’t steer it in a […]