Insider vs. Outsider

One of the most common experiences reported by stepmoms is that of feeling like an outsider. I have talked about this before [Class Is In!, Tips of the Trade, Me, Myself, and I], and it is certainly a humbling experience. You are joining an already formed family with a shared […]

Stepmom looking in on stepfamily

Family Joining Puzzle Pieces

Time and the Stepfamily

I’ve always believed that, with the right attitude and perseverance, just about anything is possible! This is probably why I imagined that with two willing hearts and a can-do spirit that becoming a stepmom and blending families would be a relatively simple process. I liked my husband’s children, and they […]

Finish Before You Begin Again

My area of expertise is working with couples in stepfamilies. Divorce rates are up to 70% the second time around and increase again for the third time. Those statistics are shocking, and for me heartbreaking because of the work I do. There are many more complicating factors in second marriages […]

Couple Holding Hands